Transparent and affordable, my goal is to free up your time to do the things you’re best at.  At the start of each month or project we’ll set out your strategic goals and that’s how we prioritise my time and focus.

Below reflects guide pricing.


Ongoing support – When you just don’t have enough hands (or interest)

Package 1 – £120/week or £450/month.

  • The 5 hrs / week include:
    • 30 mins Daily support.
    • 2hrs Project work
    • Free 30 mins  Weekly strategy and performance review.


Package 2 – Full Project Delivery. 2, 5 & 10 hrs. £50, £110 & £220

  • I deliver your requirements to a fixed time and price.


Services on request  – The kinds of projects I support on:

Accounting & Finance: Accounting system set up, Business Plans, Cashflow analysis, KPI and performance reporting, profitability analysis.

Marketing & Sales: Blog writing, digital marketing, social media management, lead generation, customer targeting and research.

Project Management: Managing staff remotely, recruitment, outsourcing, product management, process & policy writing.

Leave your contact details or drop me an email either way let’s have a chat .

Tayo Leigh